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Joe H. Coleman Services

Joe H. Coleman can help you with these services:


Design/ Build Construction:

By letting us handle both the architectural/ engineering phase as well as the construction phase the customer saves money and time. This type of construction creates a seamless build. In addition, the customer only holds one company accountable throughout the entire project, instead of having to manage multiple players. 

Site Selection:

Assistance in picking the ideal setting for a business is of the utmost importance. During this process we weigh the customer’s needs against the attributes of a particular location, identify and analyze particular real estate and acquire the site through solid negotiations with both its current owner and the locality.

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Project Supervision:

We offer excellent supervision to make sure the project is managed properly. By setting performance standards in place from day one, we ensure the highest quality of work. We make sure the work is complete and in compliance with our companies values and procedures. Most importantly we provide site supervision to insure a safe environment.

Bid Procurement And Management:

After creating bid requests for subcontractors, we collect the results and recommend the best options. It is in this phase of the process that we collect, organize and make the best decisions based on budget and quality of work.

Cost Analysis:

This analysis paints the most accurate picture of the costs associated with each project. Our report provides the customer with the best options including details needed to make an informed decision. Having gone through a complete cost analysis will help the customer to feel confident he or she is getting the best value. 

Detailed Construction Schedules:

These schedules keep the entire team on track and manage your expectations. Communication throughout the building process is critical.

Safety Management:

All of our construction sites are compliant with Federal and state safety regulations. Safety is our top priority. A safe site is an efficient site. And efficient site will save everyone time and money.

Construction Administration:

Our administrators provide complete over site of the project from start to finish. They are there to answer all contractor questions and handle requests for information. They also record changes in the contract and process change orders.

Quality Control:

This ensures a safe, efficient, cost-effective and attractive building. Our standards of quality are our biggest point of pride. We have put in a great deal of time and effort to ensure that each of our buildings are constructed using the most talented people and best materials.

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